Terre Haute native and Wiley High School alum John White was a member of the 76th infantry during World War II, and returned home with several mementos from the war, displayed here. Along with the two large German flags on display is a photo of White and some of his buddies holding these flags outside a German flag factory. Written on the back of the photos are the date and the city in which these flags were captured. White also returned with a German sniper scope, a few Nazi daggers, a German K98 rifle and a Nazi armband. The photo above the Nazi armband shows three men peeking out of a second-story window somewhere in Germany. An inscription on the back of the photograph reads: “I picked up this Nazi armband here in a furnace,” indicating the possibility that the German soldiers, sensing imminent capture, threw the armbands in the furnace hoping to rid evidence of their Nazi ties.